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chevrolet casting numbers

Cars & Parts Catalog of Chevrolet Engine Casting Numbers 1955-1993 and Stamped Numbers.

Chevy v8 engine casting numbers 1955-1993 There are two basic chevrolet casting numbers identification needs that this book serves. This first is the typical collector who is trying to identify a component by Chevrolet casting numbers, which may be in a salvage yard, at a swap meet, a friend's cache of parts, etc. He wants to know what kind of vehicle the component was originally installed on. And second, he wants to know which chevrolet casting numbers are "correct" for his car, so a proper replacement can be found.

This is a common need experienced by the restorer who has a Chevy engine project missing original engine components, i.e., the intake, carburetor, exhaust manifolds. To identify a component, find the chevrolet casting numbers or stamped-in identification number, turn to the appropriate section of this book, and look it up.

1955-1993 Chevy V8 engine casting numbers explained...

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  • small block chevrolet engine casting numbers
  • big block chevrolet engine casting numbers
  • identify crankshafts
  • small block chevrolet cylinder head casting numbers
  • big block chevrolet cylinder head casting numbers
  • exhaust and intake manifolds
  • Carter carburetor numbers
  • Holley carburetor numbers
  • Rochester carburetor numbers
  • Fuel pump casting numbers
  • water pump casting numbers
  • Generator and Alternator numbers
  • starter numbers
  • distributor casting numbers
  • EGR valve numbers

chevrolet cylinder head casting numberschevy water pump casting numberchevy_engine_casting_numbers

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