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How to articles; classic car restoration

Here you will find How To articles on a variety of classic car restoration tasks.

Have you ever wondered how some people get their classic car restoration done? What techniques do they use in their classic car restoration? What classic car restoration tasks do they do themselves and what classic car restoration tasks do they pay a professional to do?

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Classic car restoration topics

Some of these topics are a reality check for anyone considering getting into classic car restoration for the first time. In the coming weeks I am going to cover a number of topics, in fact there is enough here to keep me busy for all of 2006. With a new digital camera to play with, I will have more, and better photos too. I will be writing articles on;

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  • Family involvement and support. Is your spouse willing to support you? Your classic car restoration will take time, and you will need to make the project a part of the family budget as well.

  • How to find a classic car for restoration, not necessarily the best classic car, but I'll give you some information that will help you evaluate which classic car restoration project is best for you. There is a lot more to consider than you imagined. Don't jump into the classic car restoration process too soon. Most people underestimate the classic car restoration process and over estimate their abilities to see it through.

  • Shop equipment for your classic car restoration. How much equipment you will need for your classic car restoration depends on how much work you are willing, or capable of doing yourself.

  • Dismantling your classic car. Most importantly, how to catalog and NOT LOSE any parts. Many classic car restoration projects have fallen to pieces over this.

  • Rust removal or prevention methods. I can show you how to remove nasty sheet metal rust so easily, and so cheaply, you will wonder how companies can sell rust removal products that are so expensive and labor intensive.

  • Replacing the floor pans.

  • Fixing rust holes the right way.

  • Reviews on products or services I have used.

  • Installing a distributor.

  • Changing a chevy small block timing chain gear set.

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