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Chevy small block 283 ready to install in the 1964 Impala
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My 1964 Chevrolet Impala pages

The 64 Chevrolet Impala has become the gold standard of classic cars lately. The 64 Impala was a car that was built with option packages that made it attractive to a family, or a hot rodder, and engine sizes ranged from the 283 chevy small block to the famous 409 chevy big block. 64 Impala body styles were diverse as well. You could buy a 4 door hard top, a 4 door sedan, a 2 door Sport Coupe, a 2 door Super Sport, or a 2 door convertible, and all available in a variety of colors. Option packages were few in the early days, so you won't find too many 64 impala's with the standard equipment found in cars today, like air conditioning, power brakes, or power windows, although they are out there.

If you're interested in vintage autos as a hobby, there are thousands of sites like Top Classic Cars with old cars for sale online, and many vintage and classic auto clubs you can look into joining.

Restoration parts for 62 - 64 Impala's are now being produced new, some licensed by GM, and some that are not, so there is a large enough classic car parts market for the 64 Impala at present to drive mass production once again. If you consider the investment a company has to make in producing the metal stamping dies, the demand must be great enough to justify it. This makes restoring a 64 Impala easier for the average person now, which is good considering that restoration experts are a dwindling breed and harder to come by now that they can find less labor intensive ways to earn a good living.

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My father's 63 Impala

I got the bug for classic cars early. I was a teen ager when my father got a 2 door 63 Impala with a straight 6 cylinder engine. I remember him working on it, replacing rocker panels, doing the body work and fine tuning the drive train. Of course being a kid, I was more excited about the hot rod thing, but my father preferred to preserve the originality of his 63 Impala.

Why is the 64 Impala such a hot item?

Not too many people will argue that the 64 Impala is not an attractive car. The body lines are distinctive, yet graceful. I think the thing that has made the 64 Impala popular lately is the low-riders. The low-riders have been around for a long time. Hot rodders were making low riders back in the 50's and 60's using the 1920's and 1930's era cars, model A's, and model T's, just not with hydraulics that make them jump like a cricket.

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So, what 64 Impala stuff is on this website?

You will find quite a few 64 Impala topics on this website, such as pictures of my 64 Impala 4 door hard top and my 2 door Sport coupe, how-to articles related to classic car restoration, a documentary of the work I have done on either car including product or service reviews, and links to good resources for parts or information (generally resources I have used). You will find convenient affiliate links to a variety of products that you can purchase online, such as books and magazines specific to restoring a classic car. I have plans to sell classic car restoration products in the near future, either through affiliate programs or a dealership. I am looking for good products to resell. If you have something and are looking for resellers, drop me a line at carlking at classiccarauto . com or call me at 410 949-4330.

Carl King

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